The infrastructure division of spie belgium aspires to bring progress to a wide target group by improving living conditions while respecting the environment 


To address the challenges of its Belgian and Luxembourgish customers, SPIE Belgium has developed a range of innovative and sustainable technical solutions in the infrastructure sector. 

Public transport, airports, administration and public services, traffic management, etc…. – to meet your expectations and bring the world of tomorrow to life, we have to understand you, of course, but also to ascertain the economic, social and environmental stakes of your projects.  Our goal is to offer you a customized solution that meets your expectations and the requirements of the population. 

From advice to design, via project management, automation, production and assembling, you can count on SPIE for all your needs relating to safety/security, refurbishment, the management of infrastructure and public facilities or environmental protection. Specialized in electric and mechanical engineering as well as automation, our staff brings a wide range of skills you can call upon under one roof. 

A global or partial mission, large-scale or more modest tasks, multidisciplinary or multi-technical approach… The Infrastructure division of SPIE Belgium guarantees services in line with the requirements of all you projects.  Looking for a turnkey solution for your project? SPIE will adapt to your requirements by acting as a real solution integrator. From study to commissioning, our teams of engineers,  installers and automation specialists provide an integrated global service. 

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